The Journey to Americas Competition

Some of you might be curious as to how this award came about, so we will explain. First, we had to enter our bar through a registration process, to make sure that it met the criteria and was in the right category. We only entered the peanut butter sea salt bar in the dark chocolate bars with a "filling" category, and this was our first competition. We then submitted samples of the bar for the judges to do a blind taste test. This was at the end of March. Two months later we saw on facebook that the bar was a finalist. Last Tuesday, Lux found out that we won silver (in a category with 60 submissions); our bar was in the top four. Super exciting!

This bar, as with all of our products, starts with high quality ingredients. Fair trade chocolate, all natural peanut butter chips, all natural peanut butter, real vanilla beans, and sea salt. We strive for quality products. The rest of the magic is in the craft of tempering, molding, piping, and crystallizing. Lux came up with the idea to make a peanut butter bar because of the popularity of peanut butter melt-aways in Pittsburgh, then added sea salt to elevate the flavors.

A ton of labor and love go into all of our products, and most people can taste the difference between our chocolate. We refuse to cut corners and it is evident in the end product. Thank you for choosing to support a small craft chocolatier.
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